NMM 13,827 Holton Euphonium

Leonard Falcone Artist Model

This instrument was endorsed by Dr. Leonard Falcone and he also assisted in its design. Dr. Falcone was a legendary soloist on baritone horn and Director of Bands at Michigan State for over 40 years. 

Falcone also helped design the B100 Baritone (Euphonium). 

The 1978 Catalog lists this instrument as:  Model B-101 Four valves, upright bell. Our finest baritone, designed in collaboration with Leonard Falcone, commands a free singing tone, especially in the upper registers and a rich brass sound with delightful articulation. Regardless of technical demands all notes in raped passages are clean and distinct. Stationary bell. Solid brass. Bore, .562 (14.27 mm.).

valve slides
serial number
marking on bell


Model: B101 Falcone Artist

Serial number: 521995

Bell diameter: 300 mm. (11-13/16")

2nd valve bore:  14.1 mm (.558")

2nd valve casing inner diameter:   20.8 mm (.819")

Sounding length:   2632 mm (103-6/16")

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