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Listed below is repertoire divided into three levels that students have enjoyed learning and performing in the past. It is not meant to be a comprehensive list, but a starting point for learning repertoire performed on the euphonium. Incoming students will start with a legato method book, such as the Fink or Bordogni, and a more technical book, such as the Tyrell or Voxman. Students are required to purchase original copies of all music.

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• Bordogni/Rochut     Melodious Etudes for Trombone vol. 1     Carl Fischer (old ed); ed. Alan Raph (current ed.)

• Bordogni/Mulcahy     Complete Vocalises for Trombone     Encore (all 120 in one volume!)

• Fink/Reginald     Studies in Legato for Trombone     Carl Fischer

• Kopprash     Selected Studies     Boosey & Hawkes

• Tyrell     40 Progressive Studies     Boosey & Hawkes

• Voxman     Selected Studies for Trombone     Rubank


• Barat     Andante and Allegro     CBCI

• Barat     Introduction and Dance     Southern

• Capuzzi     Andante & Rondo from Concerto for Double Bass     (various eds.)

• Galliard/Brown     Six Sonatas     International

• Handel     Andante and Allegro     Southern

• Montgomery     Mirror Lake     Ludwig

• De la Nux     Concert Piece     SMC

• Mozart/Frackenpohl     Andante and Alleluja     Cimmaron Press

• Marcello     Sonata in F Major     International

• Senaille/Falcone     Allegro Spiritoso     Southern

• Voxman     Concert and Contest Collection     Rubank



• Holst     First Suite in Eb

• Holst     Second Suite in F

• Rossini     Overture to La Gazza Ladra




• Rochut/Bordogni     Melodious Etudes for Trombone vol. 2     Carl Fischer (old ed); ed. Alan Raph (current ed)

• Bordogni/Mulcahy     Complete Vocalises for Trombone     Encore (all 120 in one volume!)

• Arban     Complete Conservatory Method      Carl Fischer (old. ed); Encore - ed. Bowman/Alessi (current ed)

• Clarke     Technical Studies for Bass Clef Instruments     Carl Fischer

• Grigoriev     24 Studies for Bass Trombone     International

• Presser     16 Studies for Euphonium     Cimarron Press

• Sauer     Clef Studies for Trombone     Cherry Classics

• Voxman     Selected Studies     Rubank



• Galliard/Brown     Six Sonatas     International

• Gillingham     Blue Lake Fantasies     C. Alan Music

• Guilmant     Morçeau symphonique     International (various eds. exist)

• HIndemith     Sonate for Trombone     Schott

• Jacob      Fantasia for Euphonium and Piano     Boosey & Hawkes

• Mantia     All Those Endearing Young Charms     Whaling

• Mozart     Concerto for Bassoon & Orchestra     IMDB

• Mozart/Brown     7 Variations on a theme from Mozart's "Magic Flute" by Beethoven     International

• Pryor     Annie Laurie

Pryor     Starlight

• Quantz     Andante and Presto     Kendor

• Ritter George     Sonata for Baritone Horn      Cimarron Press

• Senaille     Allegro Spiritoso     Southern (various)



• Bach     Toccata & Fugue    

• Fauré     Piu Jesu

• Glinka     Russian Sailors Dance

• Sousa     Stars & Stripes Forever




• Arban     Complete Conservatory Method     Carl Fischer (old ed); Encore (Bowman/Alessi)

• Bordogni/Rochut     Melodious Etudes for Trombone vol. 3     Carl Fischer (old ed); New ed arr. Alan Raph

• Bordogni/Mulcahy     Complete Vocalises for Trombone     Encore (all 120 in one volume!)

• Blume     36 Studies     Carl Fischer

• Blazhevich     Clef Studies     International

• Schlossberg     Daily Drills and Exercises for Trumpet     Baron

• Vizzuti     Exercises, vol. 1-3



• Bach, Jan     Concert Variations     Cimarron Press

• Bellstedt     Napoli     Southern

• Boccarlari     Fantasia di Concerto     Fischer

• Clarke     From the Shores of the Mighty Pacific

Clarke     Carnival of Venice    

• Corwell     Odyssey     Nicolai

• Curnow     Symphonic Variants     Cimarron Press

• Ellerby     Concerto for Euphonium     Studio

• Gillingham     Vintage     Cimarron Press

• Horovitz     Concerto     Novello

• Pryor     Blue Bells     Carl Fischer

• Stevens     Sonatina for Trombone     Peer

• Wiggins     Soliloquy IX for Unaccompanied Euphonium     Emerson



• King     The Melody Shop

• Mussorgsky     Pictures at an Exhibition

• Shostakovich     Festive Overture

• Strauss     Don Quixote

• Strauss    Ein Heldenleben



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